How To Find The Best In Replacement Roofing

A new roof for your home is an expensive project that will need to offer value for money over many years, so the right choice is very important.

One of the most important considerations when having a roof repair or replacement  is the durability of the chosen material. The structure will of course have to be pleasing to the eye and compliment the architectural style of the home and surrounding properties. There are many different types of material but the one you ultimately chose will be determined by the cost, the style, durability and what fits with you particular home.

We have compiled a list of common roofing types to give you some information when consulting with your local roofing contractor to ensure you make the best decisions on this major project to make sure you get the right roof for your home.

Insulation & Ventilaton
When changing or replacing the existing style of roof it is important to consider the ventilation is adequate. Failure to allow proper ventilation can destroy the roof over a period of time, as a badly designed roof structure can cause moisture and heat build-up within the roof space. Always avoid this situation and never block vents or louvres or other areas where air flows. Instead keep vents clear and allow air to flow freely. This will maximize the life of your roof, and keep your home as energy efficient as possible. Insulation is also very important for keeping energy bills as low as possible and reducing the moisture levels within the roof void to avoid rot developing in the roofing timbers

Shingle Roofs
Asphalt is the most popular type currently in the U.S. roofing market and is often reinforced with fiberglass and sometimes other materials such as organic cellulose or wood fibers. These are covered with asphalt and then with granules of colored minerals, hence the look often seen in local roofs.  Fiberglass Shingles use a mat like material which has mineral granules embedded to give the durability it needs. You may wish to discuss the best type of shingle with your roofing contractor as some have better fire resistance than others, especially the organic type which often are less fire resistant.

Your Location Matters
If you reside in a humid part of the USA organic shingle is often not the best choice as it may degrade faster that fiberglass shingle roofing, however you can specify a higher grade mineral coating that will deter the growth of algae which cause the breakdown. These tend to be zinc coated or use copper in the granules.

Concrete & Clay Offers Durability
Spanish and Tuscan style homes in Arizona cities such as Phoenix and other Southwestern localities often use clay and concrete tiles for the look and the high durability.  This type of shingle is extremely heavy and care should be taken to make sure the structure of the home can safely bear the weight. This is especially true if you are replacing another type of roof which is much lighter and puts less stress on the structure.

Organic Shingle
When using wood shingle, it is important to determine if it complies with local building codes with regard to fire resistance and organic shingle is often in a lower class and may be against local building code. Wood shingle is generally more expensive due to its production methods but they are still very popular in many parts of the USA such as the West and North-eastern USA. There may also special fire retardant coatings which can be applied but this will all add to the cost of your project and will have an impact on the durability as well.
Slate Shingles
This is a much more expensive option at the outset but can look very attractive and offer a long lasting solution. These shingles are common in the Northeast USA and often use locally mined slate and are available in a variety of colors. It is however a specialist installation, so if you are looking for this kind of roof, do your due diligence and find an experienced company with lots of recommendations and experience.

Synthetic Roofing Shingles
When you are making a roofing material choice, make sure to know exactly what you are buying. Many synthetic roofing products on the market are made to look like traditional roofing materials. So, if you choose a slate or wood shingle, check to make sure that it is authentic slate or wood, and not actually synthetic. This is an important distinction to make because synthetic roofing materials do not have the same characteristics as traditional roofing materials.

Metal Panels & Shingles
This type of shingle can be used on both low and steep slope roofing structures and can appear as if they were in fact a traditional roof. Fire resistance is often good but should be cross referenced with local building codes to ensure compliance. Metal is often suitable for areas where the weather can be less temperate.

Visit Homes With Your Desired Roof 
It is an excellent idea to visit homes that use the type of roof you are installing to get good idea what it will look like once installed. Pictures and drawings cannot give an accurate idea of how your new roof will look as it matures and is exposed to the elements.

We hope you enjoyed our article and find it helpful when choosing your new roof,  if you would like information on roofing types please browse our site further. If you are buying a home and have had some issues with the roof appear on your home inspection, we have the help you need! The article below, will provide some valuable advice when your home inspection shows some unexpected roofing expenses and how to rectify them.


Buying a Home Needing Roofing Repairs

Purchasing your home is one of the largest financial commitments most people will ever make and therefore can be a stressful time. This is especially true if the home inspection you have carried out shows repairs are required to the roof or other major structures, such as foundations or drainage.

Our local roofing experts have put together a brief guide to reducing your stress levels and getting the best resolution to your roofing issues.

Always Get an Expert Roof Inspection
Home inspectors may or may not have extensive experience with roofing and many do not have years of construction experience under their belt, so always be cautious and call an expert for a second opinion.

The home inspector will point out general roofing repairs that may need resolving, but that may just be the beginning and uncover other potentially more expensive issues, which have been missed or not mentioned in a less detailed report.However, a roof that needs work may not be all bad news, as this inspection can potentially also be used as a bargaining tool to improve the terms of your home purchase. If the roof repairs are not serious or expensive you may wish to bear the cost yourself rather than create an issue with your seller and your realtor will advise you on the best course of action. Depending on the particular terms of the deal you may be able to;

  • Ask for a reduction in the purchase price to get the repair carried out yourself.
  • Request complete repair or re-roof at the sellers expense.
  • You may wish to re-evaluate if the home is right for you depending on the sellers responses.
  • Serious roofing problems may cause lenders to refuse a loan a loan and or insurance so make sure your inspection is thorough and carried out by a reputable company.

Your realtors’ advice is very important to the outcome as they should have the skill to negotiate a deal on your behalf, bearing in mind the other factors that affect what you as a buyer can reasonably ask from your seller.

This will be taking into account how competitive your purchase price is in the current market and how popular the home is. If there are buyers waiting to replace you, the chances of getting a large reduction in the purchase price are significantly reduced.

Roof Repair Warranty
The seller or indeed the buyer, if they pay for the repair may be able to obtain a roofing repair warranty after completion. It is essential to carry out due diligence here, as warranties are notoriously bad for terms which exclude the most valuable items. Make sure that they are backed and underwritten by reputable companies with a good record of settling claims and that they are indeed transferable to new owners.

If you would like to more information on roofing issues and how to save money click here.

Essential Tips to Extend the Life of Your Roof

The roof of any home affords protection from the elements but also a great deal of structural stability to the other parts of your home such as the walls and foundations.  Homeowners can save a great deal of money by carrying out simple maintenance tasks and extending the serviceable life of the roof.

Cleaning is Important
As debris collects on the roof – such as leaves or other organic matter, it breaks down and reacts with some roofing surfaces causing premature wear. Keep your roof as clean as possible and if your roof is inaccessible – call a professional who is fully insured and bonded.

Gutter Maintenance
Clogging is a common problem for gutters which can stop the flow of water or snow melting in colder areas. This can allow water to collect and sit on the roof surface causing wear and tear and eventual penetration of moisture. Gutters can also become packed with snow and ice which can lead to the same issues or the gutter actually coming away from the home.

Inspect Roof Vents
These vents allow air to circulate around the internal roof spaces and can have a significant effect on the internal structure of your roof if blocked. Ensure that they are clear at all times and replace if damaged.

Check Flashings
Check your flashings around chimneys for damage or wear and any signs of missing shingles or surface damage. Call a professional to carry out an inspection if you are uncertain as it can save a great deal of money replacing a defective item before moisture is allowed into the building.

Inspect Valleys
The valleys on a roof are critical area where water may gain access to your home. A close inspection is a great way to avoid expensive remedial work to internal décor and furnishings if the leak is sufficiently severe or goes unnoticed for some time.

Be Safe
Inspecting and repairing any roof can be a dangerous activity and if you have any doubt whatsoever whether your home needs a repair or you are concerned at carrying out the inspection, always consult with a reputable professional roofing company that is fully insured and bonded.