Find A Home From Home at a Plymouth Health Club

As some of my readers may know from my posts on other sites, I often buy homes in other parts of the country and this often means spending extended time away from home. This is because although I have a good team behind me, there are always things that need to be done by me personally on site.

While this is a huge disruption to my normal routine, I try to minimize the effect by locating a few home comforts like good places to eat and relax, when I have time and as important is finding somewhere to maintain my fitness levels. After a couple of years doing my best to gain a good level of fitness the last thing I want to do is undo my hard earned progress. This is all too easy to do, using fast food restaurants and having poor “on the go” nutrition.

This year I was due to spend a couple of  months managing a project near Plymouth, working on a great 4 bedroom home that I picked up about 20% under market value. I was sure I wanted to locate somewhere to work out regularly, so I did not lose the gains I have made in the last two years. I was lucky enough to spot a recently opened club which fulfilled my needs exactly. Here is the story of my short time at Plymouth Gym and the new friends I made in the owners, Mark and Julie.

Keep Fit While Working Away

The health club offers some impressive facilities in its 3500 sq ft building, for an independent concern building its membership list in a market dominated corporate health clubs and high end gyms.

This is where owner Mark and Julie Foreman, originally from Australia are making inroads into the corporate gym market.

They do this by offering a very personalized service to their members and go to great lengths to make sure that members receive the best service possible.

All staff that wish to become part of the culture at the club undergo a rigorous induction to ensure that they are fully on board with the ethos of the club.

Mark & Julie have a long history in the health business and were owners of two clubs back home in their native Sydney, Australia. These were sold in order to relocate their operation to the USA.

In order to offer their members quality facilities, Mark and Julie believe that they do not need to charge a premium membership fee like some other local clubs and they start at a very reasonable $79 per month and can be increased depending on the higher end services you wish to use.

I have been a member of several gyms in two different countries and I have to say that the personal attention to detail was something that I have never experienced at any corporate health club. There was also a feeling of space that isn’t experienced at mass member gyms where you can be waiting to use machines for several minutes, this is much less common even at peak times.

Health Club Facilities

The club offers varying levels of membership and this can be tailored to your particular requirements. The club offers all the usual benefits that modern gyms offer including:

Personal Training with Bespoke Fitness Assessments

Mark insists that all trainers employed by him are highly experienced and have fully qualified as personal trainers for at least three years and worked with a range of clients of all ages. Only then are the allowed to assume responsibility for working with their clientele.

Fully Equipped Body Sculpting Studio

The classes are designed to improve overall body condition, strength and endurance and are a total body workout under the supervision of a qualified instructor for those at beginner level. The option to go solo is there, for experienced gym visitors.

All participants must first undergo the bespoke assessment to determine the current level of fitness and assess the goals and potential of each member. If a member wishes to go it alone – this is also allowed after the initial assessment which is carried out for safety reasons.

Cardio Wellness Studio

This replicates the design from Mark’s Australian business and has been one of the most active classes on offer. Instructors are always on hand to lead members through their set of individual programs or offer advice if required.

This is one of the most comprehensively equipped studios I have seen in any local health club and offers several different types of the latest free standing aerobic and resistance equipment. All user performance is computer monitored so your progress can be charter and updated each visit.

The ethos of the club is such, that to progress each member needs to know exactly how far their fitness has improved if they are to reach their individual goals. This can only be done by monitoring fitness levels closely and close collaboration with their trainer.

Mark also believes in education and regularly holds informal classes where he shares his extensive knowledge on the benefits of exercise, aerobics, cross-fit or body sculpting and of course nutrition. There is no substitute for knowledge imparted by someone who is passionate about health and fitness. Guest speakers are also involved and classes can become heavily booked.

Indoor Heated Pool & Juice Bar

This is a focal point for the club and hosts events on a bi-weekly basis for members. The pool facilities can also be hired by members only, wishing to host private functions on certain days of the year. This has become a firm favorite with members, hosting children’s private birthday parties and family gatherings.

A New Generation of Pilates Studio

Pilates has become a very popular form of exercise which is designed to improve tone and strengthen muscles by training the core of the body. This has a great deal of benefit for people wishing to improve postural problems, back pain and improve their overall fitness. A strong core is essential for a healthy body and Pilates will over time improve range of motion and flexibility of your whole body. It is not designed to build muscle bulk which is desirable for many of Marks’s clients.

This is without doubt one of the most enjoyable health clubs I have visited and Mark & Julie tell me that another two clubs are planned in the next year. These will continue the blueprint of the first US venture and the original Australian concept. To get more information go to You will not be disappointed by the warm welcome you receive from all staff, Mark & Julie who are committed helping members attain their fitness goals in the shortest possible time.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the club and would recommend it to anyone without hesitation.

David Marshall